Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I LOVE Revenue Assurance!

Hi – I’m Louis, and I love working in Revenue Assurance. And when I say that, I’m not trying to be funny, or ironic, or over-dramatic – I really love what I do for a living and I think if you work in RA, you probably do too.

When Rob (GRAPA’s President) said to me, “Louis, I want you to write a blog about this stuff,” I was a little nervous and unsure. I’m a smart guy, but I’m still pretty young (early thirties), and though I’ve been in telecoms for a while now (I used to be an analyst with New Paradigm Resources Groups, a Telecoms Research and Consultancy firm), I’ve only been working in Revenue Assurance (here at GRAPA) for a little under two years. What can I tell a community of experts on this subject that they don’t already know? In particular how can I keep up with Rob, who has 30 years experience in this industry?

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized: I’m like so many individuals, all around the world, who all of a sudden find themselves in a job that has “Revenue Assurance” in the title. I’m like a lot of people in their early thirties, who come back to the job market with a great education and an interesting work history (I used to be an Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, before teaching at a University), only to find out people think I can do this strange job I’ve never heard of called Revenue Assurance. Even though I worked in telecoms previously, and I could sort of guess RA had something to do with the BSS side of telecoms, I can say honestly now, I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

Yet the more I learn about Revenue Assurance, and really the more people I meet who do this job, the more I love doing what I do. The people I meet are really so passionate about what they do, it is not even close to funny. Maybe people think you’re strange, or a geek, or a nerd for feeling this way, but I know that just like me, the professionals I’ve met wake up excited in the morning to come to work and do a Revenue Assurance job.

Because it’s exciting, and it changes all the time, and it’s incredibly challenging, hard and difficult – but when you get it right, and you do good things, it feels amazing. And you’re not only doing good things for your boss and your company, but you’re making things better for the people around you, who work with you – and that can be the greatest feeling in the world.

“I got it right” “I did a good job today” “I made a difference in someone’s life” “It helps make the long hours and hard work worth it.” That’s what I hear from the professionals I meet, when we sit down and just talk about why we love doing what we do. And that kind of real commitment, to being good at what you do, and being proud of what you do – that’s something everyone wants, I don’t care what your job is.

So that’s what this blog is really going to be about – why revenue assurance matters, why we as revenue assurance professionals can make a real difference because of what we do, and why we should wake up every morning and end every day being proud of what we do, and being proud of how well we do the job.

I know I haven’t yet given you many details, but that will come in the posts I’ll be doing in the next few weeks and months. This blog is going to be a little technical, a little political, a little touchy-feely, but it’s also going to be a lot about how revenue assurance can be done better, approached better, and most importantly, it’s going to be about how inspired I feel doing this job, and why you should too – if you don’t already!

Until I talk to you again, let me just say this one more time: I LOVE Revenue Assurance!

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